Automatic Wrap Around Packer  MODEL “RM”:

The Model “RM” is a wrap-around packer for cartons or sleeves from open blanks.  Wrapping is performed directly around the product, ensuring the production of a tightened packing without any dimension difference between the product and its relevant carton.  The strongest features of the “RM” are saving money on the blanks, production cost, production speed, and aesthetic quality of the final product.  The “RM” is available in three different models, depending on product size.

Wrapping Phases (for playing cards deck wrapping – carton style)

Elevator and counter-elevator ensure the perfect locking of the playing cards inside the cartons during the pack forming phase (the above feature ensures the best final product quality regarding the playing cards deck handling).

Product Feeding

The product feeding can be performed either in-line or 90°, complying with machine user requirements.



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